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💗heart #braids by my little valentine @nina_adado 💖

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Wearing mismatched Chantilly socks to bring out the red and blue in my Name of the Rose waistcoat~


I met with a friend to collect the taobao items I bought in our comm GO. I wore Haenuli’s Stained Glass of St Giles in a black x gold coord even though it was sweltering hot and there were flying ants everywhere ;;A;;

Always been a fan of his parodies, but this is brilliant! Can truly relate to this, especially being an English teacher XD


yum yum ; w ;

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📚 School’s out for summer! 😃 The end of the summer term has finally arrived. It’s been a long one, especially with Ramadan during these past couple of weeks. But thankfully it’s taught me to be patient, obedient and most importantly, I’m truly grateful for everything in my surroundings. I’m grateful to work for such a wonderful team and to have a boss who’s so friendly and approachable. But of course, I’m not the only one who is grateful… here are the gifts I received to say thank you for everything I’ve done. Am truly grateful! 💐❤ #bouquet #flowers #chocolate #thankyou #ilovemyjob


beauty sleep

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Japanese Street Styles

Yesterday’s bargain find 🎀 #jewelry #ring #marcjacobs #mjlola #nofilter